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How to Contact Us?

If you think you might like us to tell stories or dance at your event, please contact us, but note we are not a white hanky kind of morris side! Events in the Sussex area or Southern England are preferred but we are often happy to travel to interesting events at more distant locations.

Want to join Mythago? We are always on the look out for new musicians and dancers (to replace the old worn out ones!), and as a mixed side we welcome both male and female dancers and/or musicians.  Although no experience of morris dancing is necessary, the ability to move in time to music and some level of fitness is required!  We practice all year round on Wednesday evenings between 8.00 and 10.00pm at Coolham village hall, and it is desirable that members are willing to commit to the majority of these practices.  Although we dance out at many weekend events throughout the year, our busiest season is between May and September.  For this reason it is best to join in the autumn when we aren't practicing for particular events and have more time to devote to teaching dances from scratch.

If you are interested in booking or joining us (and let's be honest why wouldn't you be!), then please contact us through Facebook or our e-mail address ( to ensure we're actually going to be there!!